Reverse Osmosis 


Industrial RO Systems

How does reverse osmosis works?

Reverse Osmosis is one of the best examples of Bionics applied to the service of humanity.

Osmosis is the process of fluid exchange at the cellular level. Where a liquid is able to pass the membranes of the cell, and the direction will be defined depending on the pressure and concentration of the liquid. 

It was found that RO membranes with the help of an artificial increase in pressure on one of the sides of the membrane are capable of removing nearly all contaminants, including pharmaceuticals, solids initially present like mineral salts, metals and plant residues. Converting seawater, hard water or brackish water into 100% potable water. 

Industrial RO Systems


Industrial RO Systems

In the case the water not only has to be purified but also desalinated, it is necessary to include the pre-filtering system to extend the life of the membranes. 

These tanks could be metal, plastic or fiberglass depending on the volume of the plant several pre-filtration tanks may be necessary. 

Membrane Elements


Industrial RO Systems


Industrial RO Systems

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