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Why Air Tork Electric Generator is the best option.

Our great commitment to searching carbon-neutral technologies has led us to the research of different forms of alternative energy, which would impact the environment as little as possible.
Air Tork Electric Generator arises from the need to generate electricity in places that do not have optimal conditions for conventional alternative energy systems such as wind turbines or solar panels.

The installation of wind turbines needs a series of features that are not always present. First, they need continuous airflow of a specific speed throughout the year. Second, they need exaggeratedly large extensions of land because they must all face the airflow and they require a lot of space between them. Also, for safety, the surrounding land cannot be used and we will not talk about the damage to wildlife.

On the other hand, solar panels require a lot of horizontal space, special climatic conditions with little cloudiness, which makes them inefficient in mountainous areas or in the city.

How Air Tork Electric Generator works.


  • Alternative Energy
  • Alternative Energy
  • Alternative Energy
  • Alternative Energy

The premise of Air Tork’s design was to obtain a way to generate electricity that will not depend on the weather nor devastate large areas for installation.

We work with two completely different systems with one thing in common. Both use air and torque that is generated from their movement.

The system takes advantage of the torque generated by a pair of propellers. Electricity is generated under the conditions established in the initial premise. It can be installed under trees, on the roof, or several generators can be installed one after the other.

The second system uses the energy generated by a Stirling engine to move the generator.  


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